H 2 THE PROMISE OF HYDROGEN ENERGY POWER-TO-GAS CONCEPT greenhouse gases in industrial processes for a wide range of applications zero ubiquity suitable H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 Enter the nominal firing capacity LHV and vol% of hydrogen mixed in the fuel gas in the green fields, and the blue field will give you the estimated CO 2 saving in ton/day Fuel blend (vol%) Low heating value (kWh/Nm3) (BTU/SCF) Gas flow (Nm3/h) (SCF/h) Air for stoichiomtric combustion (Nm3/h) (SCF/h) Flue gas volumes (wet) (Nm3/h) (wet)(SCF/h) CO 2 (Nm3/h) (SCF/h) H 2 O (Nm3/h) (SCF/h) N 2 (Nm3/h) (SCF/h) CO 2 (kg/h) (lbs/h) Nominal capacity kW LHV BTU/h LHV CO 2 reduction (metric ton/day) (ton/day) Continuous operation thermal appliance CO 2 reduction 3.79 Methane 70% 9.96 667.25 6338.91 7006.17 665.59 1331.17 5009.41 1229.34 2.99 285.97 680.60 823.58 0.00 285.97 537.62 0.00 100% 7.87 953.22 7019.51 7829.75 665.59 1617.14 5547.02 1229.34 Hydrogen Blend % CALCULATE YOUR CO 2 SAVING WITH HYDROGEN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Hydrogen burners for virtually any application HONEYWELL’S RESPONSE TO DEMAND a portfolio of hydrogen-ready and hydrogen-capable burners that, when combined with Honeywell hydrogen-ready fuel supply products and controls, provides customers with a complete solution for hydrogen combustion. NO OTHER VENDOR CAN MATCH THE BREADTH AND DEPTH OF HONEYWELL’S HYDROGEN OFFERING ACROSS DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS, MARKETS AND VERTICALS. Honeywell’s burner portfolio includes both hydrogen-ready and hydrogen-capable burners designed for a wide range of markets and applications. Whether you’re looking to reduce your emissions footprint, drive operational efficiency, achieve compliance or enhance safety, Honeywell Thermal Solutions is ready to meet all your hydrogen-related needs today and into the future. Our offering spans the hydrogen lifecycle, from helping you take your first steps along the journey, to providing you with complete solutions for hydrogen combustion. For more information about Honeywell hydrogen capable thermal process offerings, please visit ThermalSolutions.Honeywell.com/ZeroCarbon or contact your Honeywell Thermal Solutions representative. bake ovens for bricks, cement and sand dryers, gypsum board dryers and insulation fabrication flue gas treatment, sludge dryers and solid waste incinerators baking ovens, coffee roasters, counterflow dryers and spray dryers high temperature oxygen burners for glass melting ovens Construction Environmental Food Glass paper-edge dryers, TADs and Yankee hoods boilers, heat and power cogeneration systems and steam generation systems drying units for industrial printing machines pre-dryers and tenter frames Paper Power Generation Printing Textiles Automotive incinerators, paint cabin air supply units and paint bake ovens process air heaters and thermal oxidizers Chemical ladle preheaters, metal melting and thermal treatment gas treatment, glycol reboilers, shut off valves and vaporizers for LNG production Metal Oil and Gas Complete solutions for hydrogen combustion In addition to burners, Honeywell provides customers with everything they need for hydrogen combustion, from products such as fuel train supplies, piping and burner management systems, to software solutions. Honeywell also delivers a wide range of services ranging from commissioning to application testing. BLENDING (MIXING) SYSTEMS BURNER CONTROL PANELS BURNER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CFD ANALYSIS COMBUSTION CHAMBERS FLAME MONITORING SYSTEMS designed for multi-flame supervision FUEL/AIR ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEMS SOFTWARE SERVICES providing asset management, historian, diagnostics and analytics via mobile and enterprise platforms FUEL TRAIN SUPPLIES FUNCTIONAL SAFETY ANALYSIS GAS SENSORS PIPING SERVICES H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 2 COMPLETE SOLUTIONS FOR HYDROGEN COMBUSTION Make a choice for a brighter future Falling costs of renewables and hydrogen technologies Strategic push in national roadmaps INDICATORS OF HYDROGEN’S GROWING MOMENTUM DRIVERS OF RENEWED INTEREST IN HYDROGEN 10 m 2030 target deployment of FCEVs announced at the Energy Ministerial in Japan 70% Share of global GDP linked to hydrogen country roadmaps to date 1 1. Based on 18 country roadmaps announced as of publication 2. Not exhaustive 55x Growth in electrolysis capacity by 2025 vs. 2015 80% Decrease in global average renewable energy prices since 2010 Stronger push to limit carbon emissions 66 Countries that have announced net-zero emissions as a target by 2050 10 Years remaining in the global carbon budget to achieve the 1.5°C goal H 2 Industry alliances and momentum growing 30+ 60 Members of the Hydrogen Council today, up from 13 members in 2017. DRIVERS AND INDICATORS OF HYDROGEN’S MOMENTUM Hydrogen Council, PATH TO HYDROGEN COMPETITIVENESS: A COST PERSPECTIVE report, January 2020 Major investments announced 2 globally since 2017, in new segments, e.g. heavy duty and rail H 2 O H 2 CO 2 CH 4 Water Electrolyzer Renewableenergy sources Carbon dioxide Catalyzer Natural gasgrid Methane Hydrogen Mobility Residential Heat Power Power generation Industrial THERMAL IQUNLEASH YOURTHERMAL PROCESS DATA CONTACT US HONEYWELL THERMAL SOLUTIONSCOMPLETE HYDROGEN SYSTEM